This is one hell of a Journey! Even without including L Perry’s personal and private life it still is. LP was adopted by her parents quite late in life! She probably came out of the womb singing and dancing! But did what any child could do once started school and played a few instruments the cornet another very large brass instrument, of course the recorder at that time. She absolutely loved to dance and went to the Paris school of dancing for ballet. There was absolutely no one around her in her family or anyone who knew anything about dancing singing, or anything to do with these creative and performing arts. she earned her bronze silver medals in ballet. All her BAGA badges in gymnastics, but just sung at any opportunity  she could ,regards singing, she sung in her music lessons, and could read and write music at this point, but it didn't stay with her ,but the tunes in her head did. She continued singing to neighbors the school choir, church choir, and to anyone would listen, she was truly in her element!  Her parents helped in any way they could but came from a humble background, and from a very different and Older generation for more visit http://www.lperry.co.uk/


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